Hudson Kent

Industrial and Organisational Psychologist

I’m an Industrial and Organisational Psychologist from Melbourne, Australia. I work in the world of HR Transformation and earned my stripes consulting for Deloitte and KPMG in the fields of change management, cultural design, HR analytics, and HR Transformation. I have a wide set of interests which orbit around the themes of people and technology.

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Writings about psychology, philosophy and other things you might find interesting. I like to take complex things and distil them

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Employment & Education

Master in Psychology

Human Capital Consultant|Deloitte

Consulted across finance, energy & telecommunications sectors on change management and learning

Senior Consultant|KPMG

Helped organisations understand and change their team cultures


I used HR Data insights to help senior leaders make better people decisions

Associate Director|KPMG

I currently lead HR Transformation projects across a range of industries