Gamification has the potential to change future of work as we know it. Transforming ordinary tasks into gamified, fun and engaging ones. Scientific research hasn't caught up with the hype yet. That's where we come in.

Companies who are dedicated to adding fun game elements to workplaces environments often state that their products engages employees in their work. The way companies define engagement though can be very different to how science does. Engagement according to decades of research is defined as "a positive work related state characterised by vigour, absorption and dedication."

Until now research is yet to test whether gamification truely results in a more engaged workforce. It's time this changed. Over the next year we will be gathering psychometric data from a variety of gamification users to establish the truth around a technology trend which will shape organisations of the future.
A literature review has been conducted, encompassing the most up to date gamification and employee engagement research. Click below to download a free copy.

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Gamification Literature Review