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Hudson Kent

Psychologist (Industrial and Organisational)

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My name’s Hudson.
I’m a Registered Psychologist (Industrial and Organisational) and am passionate about bringing together the two most important resources companies have today, technology and people. 

This site is the showcase of my work, it’s a snapshot of some exciting things I’ve achieved, where I am today, and a peek into where I see the future, personally and for the marvelous profession of Organisational Psychology. 

Technological systems will continue to revolutionise the way organisations work with their most valuable human resources, to achieve even better results. I strive daily to blend my love of technology with my warm curiosity for people, so that together we can change the world.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Free Employee Engagement Audit

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Gamifying for Engagement

Gamifying for Engagement

Taking Employee Engagement to the next level

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Making Sense of Change Management Models

Published on june 20th 2017

A high-level theory for understanding and applying Behavioural Economics

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Making Sense of Change Management Models

Published on FEBRUARY 1ST 2017

A high level theory for applying change management models

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6 Ways to Start Gamifying for Success Today

Published on august 11th 2016

Taking Employee Engagement to the next level

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Education & Employment

  • Master of Psychology (Industrial and Organisational) Deakin University ▼

    Organisational psychology is the science of people at work. Organisational Psychologists work with organisations, teams and individual employees to improve their performance and increase effectiveness and productivity in the workplace. One may analyse organisations and their people, and devise strategies to recruit, motivate, develop, change and inspire. I have a passion to see technology used to transform Human Resources strategy I have completed a thesis with to investigate how technology can be used to increase worker engagement though the implementation of game elements (gamification).

  • Human Capital Consultant Deloitte ▼

    I currently work as a Human Capital Consultant for Deloitte. I have experience across the banking and finance, energy and utilities, and agribusiness sectors, working on projects relating to change management strategy, change readiness assessment, psychometric assessments, data analytics, big data implementation, behavioural economics, employee engagement and gamification.

    Having written a thesis on gamification and employee engagement I remain on the forefront of research in the area and have a keen interest in combining evidence-based solutions with innovative applications to transform the future of work.

  • Campaign Support Officer, Student Engagement & Support, Vice-President (Services) Monash University ▼

    I also have an extensive background in event project management at Monash University where I have been employed for the last three years. During this time, I have worked on large-scale, award-winning mental health initiates such as RU OK? Day, and One World Festival. In order to implement the programs effectively, I managed key stakeholders across the university to elicit their support and partnership. My experience in these areas has developed my strategic focus as well as my practical administrative skills in Excel and Word. I am interested in translating my project management skills into an analogous organisational psychology environment.

  • Mental Health Support Officer  Monash University ▼

    As a Mental Health Support Officer it was my role to aid in the facilitation of Monash University’s mental health programs and events. This included the creation of surveys for, and data entry of, evaluations for programs such as Mental Health First Aid, Mindfulness, Mood Surfing and a variety of other training seminars and workshops. Monash University partners with R U OK? Day, a national annual event aimed at raising suicide and depression awareness.

    This years event was deemed a great success, evidenced by the participation of over 1500 staff and students in a variety of R U OK? Day activities, as well as a sense of community engendered across the five campuses.

    I was involved in facilitating this program through: Involvement in committee meetings, organising marketing and social media, administration support tasks such as the collating and distribution of merchandise, and practical execution of the event on the day.